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Working for the conservation of wildlife in crowborough

Conservation sessions

about us


To build a community of people who are interested in nature, wildlife and conservation and to make a positive change to help local flora and fauna thrive.


  • increase recording of wildlife around crowborough
  • publicise sites good for wildlife sighting
  • campaign to protect sites threatened by development or poor management
  • organise practical conservation tasks and encourage designation of additional local wildlife sites

If you are enthusiastic about nature and would love to get involved, drop us an email or come along to one of our organised tasks. Or if you have any photos of wildlife you’d like to share, send them to our instagram!
(our socials are linked at bottom of site)

[explore green areas around crowborough using the link below ↴]

wildlife websites

Recording wildlife is crucial as it helps to identify the location of rare and locally important species, and to protect them and their habitats from damage. You can contribute yourself using iRecord or by checking out Sussex Botanical Recording Society.

other websites

Sussex wildlife trust | High Weald AONB | Sussex Ornithological society | The powdermill trust | Plantlife

RSPB | Woodland trust | Friends of Ashdown forest | Buglife | Species recovery trust | Kent wildlife trust

Bumblebee Conservation trust | British Dragonfly society | Butterfly conservation (sussex branch)